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Hengyuan factory has the ability to manufacture the most precise most durable arc-shape sieving plate,We can deal with the materials whose thickness exceeds 0.05mm,with the nice geometrical shape and nipping edge and the strong incise capability,high-performance of doff-media,not only can ensure the highest efficiency but also could avoid the jam of the sieve pore to the greatest extent.Because the excellent wear-resisting performance of the material and unique processing technology,have reduced times of changing the surface of sieving,reduced the cost,improved working efficiency.

Material: Low Carbon Galvanized ( LCG ) and Stainless Steel (SS)

Slot (mm): 0.1、0.25、0.50、0.75、1.00、1.50、2.00、3.00 also achieved upon customer request.

Profile Wire:#63 (1.5*2.5mm),  #93(2.3*3.5mm),  #118(3.0*4.6mm) etc.

Support Rod:1.V shaped.   #63 (1.5*2.5mm),  #93(2.3*3.5mm),  #118(3.0*4.6mm) etc.

                        2.Steel Flat.   1.5*20mm,  2.0*25mm,  2.5*30mm etc.

Frame:Iron Frame, Steel Frame, or Nothing.

Uses: It can be used in the water-treating equipment, mineral processing, coal-cleaning plant and so on.





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